Nector: Simply Engaging

Nector is a state-of-the-art, secure mobile and desktop application enabling MSLs to seamlessly manage the key aspects of KOL field engagements.


Nector, a secure mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop application that enables MSLs to seamlessly manage the key aspects of KOL field engagements. MSLs can view and annotate KOL profiles, keep updated on clinical trial developments, schedule and follow up on discussions with KOLs, present and share approved presentations, track and log expenses for federal and state reporting requirements, and report adverse events. Home office and MSL managers have complete control over permissions and settings, receive real-time data on MSL metrics, and can communicate with MSLs through the app.

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KOL profiles at your fingertips with all key information and documents. Create call list with simple click and drag function.


Familiar mobile calendar features, including scheduling, alerts and reminders, day or week views. Integration with enterprise calendars(i.e. Outlook)


Input expense information with intuitive drop down menus and submit reports directly to Compliance department.Alert clinical affairs of KOL adverse event reports.

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Log KOL interactions/notes from engagements which get uploaded to home office for company-wide utilization of new information.


Search, view, annotate and present materials to KOLs. Supports wide range of document formats. Easy access to all materials.


Send, receive, store, sort and search communications, updates and alerts to and from home office, MSL managers and other MSLs. Create group discussions.


Voxx Analytics has partnered with DocComm to form The Nector Group, a company devoted to meeting the unmet needs of Medical and Clinical Affairs teams through cutting edge software applications and technology and state-of-the-art data profiling.


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